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    2. The School has 2630 teachers and administrative staff on its payroll, including 1750 full-time teachers, 818 of whom already have or are completing doctoral degrees. 18.69% of the teaching staff is 35 years old or less; 55.09% have senior academic rank; 86.23% have Master’s or higher degrees.

      Among the whole faculty, three are part-time academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences, four are included in the national “Top 1000 Talent Programme”, one is in the “Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan”, one part-time professor is recipient of National Outstanding Youth Fund, one is “Nationally-renown Teacher”, four are candidates of the national “Baiqianwan Talents for the New Century” Programme, one are young or middle aged young experts who have made nationally outstanding contributions, one “Nationally Prominent Technology Expert”, two teachers are included in the 7th session discipline appraisal group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, two teachers are included in the “Supporting Project of Excellent Talent for the New Century” of the Ministry of Education, two teachers are included in the “Hundred-scholar Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. All together, fourteen teachers have been awarded the title of “National Model Teacher”, or “Nationally Outstanding Teacher”or “Nationally Outstanding Academic Teacher of Ideology and Political Theory”, or “Nationally Outstanding Education Worker”, or “Advanced Art Education Worker” or “Nationally Outstanding Young Physical Education Teacher”. There is one supervisor authorized by the 5th Construction of Party Spirit and Incorruptibility Government and Police, eleven members of the College Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, and one member of the National Primary and Middle School Physical Education Steering Committee.

       In terms of provincial excellent talents, the school currently has seventeen teachers gained the provincial “Double Thousand Talent Plan”, four distinguished “Jinggang Scholars”, and eight teachers gained the provincial “Young Jinggang Scholars Award”, thirteen Provincially-renown Teachers, forty-six candidates of the “Jiangxi Province Baiqianwan Talents for the New Century” Programme, thirty-seven candidates of “Ganpo Programme 555 for Outstanding Talent” (among whom, ten are part-time), nine are in the Jiangxi scheme for Fostering Leaders in Basic Disciplines and Technology into the New Century, fifty-seven are Jiangxi Province Higher Education Young or Middle-aged Academic Leaders, forty-eight “Mainstay Young Teachers in Jiangxi Higher Education”, twenty-two teachers who are receiving special subsidies from the State Council and five who are receiving special subsidies from the Provincial Government. In 2017, JXNU was selected into the national “Demonstration School of University Teacher Assessment and Evaluation Reform”.

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