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    2. The University holds to the principles of “gaining support by service” and “ensuring development by contributing”. It has always seen as its mission the economic and social development of Jiangxi province and service to its educational undertakings. It seeks to fulfill its roles as a store of talent, an engine of development, and an intellectual reservoir. Since 1949, it has actively supported and assisted in the establishment of local colleges, and trained qualified teachers for basic education, in the province as a whole. In recent years, it has given attention to developing excellence in the social sciences and humanities, and in foreign languages and physical education as well as music, sports, fine arts and foreign languages, so as to build a platform for the culture of the province of Jiangxi and assist in the development of higher culture in society at large. At the same time, it has given full emphasis to the development of the traditional basic disciplines and to practical science and engineering in the province. Scientific research achievements in these areas are represented by the carbohydrate synthesis, the anti-knock additives for gasoline, the nanofiber cloth, the polyimide nanofiber battery diaphragm and Poyang Lake studies.

      The University has been active in the Jiangxi government’s plans for the promotion of science and technology. More than 100 million RMB has been invested in the programme to produce annually 1500 tons of the anti-knock additives for gasoline, Methyl cyclopentadiene three carbonyl manganese, part of the State plan for the development of high-technology production. This programme has brought an important breakthrough in the University’s capacity to turn its scientific research results into productive resources. The LED Epitaxial Material Industrialization Project initiated by the University has now become one of the three manufacturing bases in the industry around the country.

      The Jiangxi Advanced Materials Nanofiber Technology Company, created by scientific researchers on the basis of scientific work done at the University, has held the opening ceremony for a plant in the Nanchang High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Investment in this project has reached 6 hundred million RMB, and once in action it will have an annual production worth 6 thousand million or more. It is another successful example of the results of high-tech research done at our University being turned into a productive asset. For seven times, Professor Fang Zhiyuan has been invited by CCTV to give Chinese history lectures in its column Forum of Various Schools. He is selected as the most popular lecturer. In 2011, the University’s Science and Technology Park successfully in obtained approval for a national-level “Base for Innovative Field-work in Science and Technology by Higher Education Students”. It become the fourth cohort of national-level Example Institution in Technical Migration in 2012. It became the third national-level University’s Science and Technology Park among Normal Universities around the country in 2013. In 2014, the school was approved “Cultural and Creative Industry Technology Service Platform” by the Ministry of Science and Technology’s torch plan, and in 2017 it was approved as a National Creative Space. The University serves as think tank for local economic development. It created an inner publication name Jiangxi Development Research in 2015, and thirty four of its reports gained instructions or comments from the provincial leaders. Since 2016, seventy research reports written by the faculty members of the University gained one hundred instructions or comments from the provincial leaders. The 22 research reports published in the Soviet Region Revitalization Forum Special Issue, an internal journal that was published in 2016, were approved by provincial and ministerial leaders. The 2018 research report Experience and Enlightenment of the National Civil Affairs Commission’s Counterpart Support to Le'an County was approved by Bartel, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Director of the National Civil Affairs Commission. In December 2018, our library was awarded the title of National Reading Demonstration Base”. The two think tanks declared by the Jiangxi Economic Development Research Institute and the Soviet Area Revitalization Research Institute have been selected as the province's key new think tank pilot construction units. The Soviet Area Revitalization Research Institute has been selected as the Top 100 University Think Tank in China, becoming the only one in Jiangxi Province to enter the Think Tanks in China(CTTI) and the only one in the country that specializes in the research of the revitalization and development of the old Soviet areas. It has successfully held the “National Soviet Area Revitalization Summit Forum” for two sessions with the Rural Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

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